Visen Industries Limited, a leading manufacturer of polymer emulsions, centres its efforts on delivering premium products to paint, textile, adhesive and construction industries as well as consumer products. With a clear vision of becoming the largest supplier of water based polymer emulsions, the company has been making a persistent effort in improving its products, manufacturing, sales, marketing, and supply chain management.

The company's aim is to further strengthen its dynamic industry-leading portfolio of polymer emulsions keeping innovation and sustainability at the core of its every operation. We believe that relationships are building blocks to success. Innovative solutions require more than just science, it requires indent knowledge of each other's business. With the help of sound science and technology we aim to assist to every firm's needs.

At Visen, quality is everyone's responsibility. It can be defined as doing the right thing every time, in every step. Visen is a promise … a promise of what you can expect if you use the product or service, or if you engage in the experience.


The modern business world demands R&D be the core of every operation. Visen combines scientific expertise with technology and talent to enhance an existing product, improve process efficiencies, or uncover solutions for a first-to-market innovation. The company's goal is to leverage research and development capabilities to generate distinctive value through new and improved products that can cater to the needs of the present and future.

Centralized R&D centres present in India and UAE allow us to stay in the forefront to immediately tap our technical expertise across industries and disciplines tailoring products to meet global needs. Visen believes in providing value to its customers by constantly exploring market issues and developing new solutions.


27th September 2013

Indian Small Scale Paint Association, Andhra Pradesh-Karnataka, 'Event Supporters'

23rd August 2013

Tamil Nadu Paint MFG. association, 'Technical Seminar'.

18th November 2012

Indian Small Scale Paint Association, 12th Biennial Conference, 2012, Evolution through Innovation, 'Shri Vijay Nair- Panel and Speaker', Pune.

18th February 2012

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31st May 2012

The Colour Society, 'Silver Sponsor', International Seminar, Lonavala.

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Indian Small Scale Paint Association, Challenges for surface coating, 'Event support for full day national seminar', Mahableshwar.

26th May 2010

Indian Small Scale Paint Association, Hyderabad, 'Beyond technology'.

26th May 2010

The Colour Society, 'Diamond Sponsor', International Seminar.

23rd May 2009

Indian Small Scale Paint Association, Kerala region, 'Principal Sponsor in recognition of the support to the Residential Conference,' Cochi,.

23rd May 2009

The Colour Society, 'Golden Sponsor', International Seminar

1st August 2009

Indian Paint and Coating Association, 'Shri Vijay Nair: Guest of Honor', Rajasthan.

10th Jan 2008

Indian Small Scale Paint Association, 'In recognition of contribution to the 10th biennial conference', Mahabaleshwar, Alert Today-Alive Tomorrow.

3rd October 2007

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Indian Small Scale Paint Association, Golden Jubilee Conference, Goa, 'General Sponsorship: Rest the Mind Set'

5th November 2006

The Colour Society, International Seminar, 'Shri Vijay Nair-Guest of Honor', Ooty.

21st September 2006

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21st September 2006

GoodlassNerolac Paint Ltd, 'Contribution and Support'.

12th August 2005

Indian Paint and Coating Association, 1st Biennial Conference, 'Challengers evolving.

9th December 2005

Indian Small Scale Paint Association, Maharashtra Region Seminar, 'Patronage of the event'.

3rd May 2005

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2nd April 2004

Indian Paint and Coating Association, 'Recognition of contribution to Paint Industries', 1st conference, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Vision & Mission

Innovation ensures that the customers will be the first to benefit from pioneering advancements in Visen's products and their applications. Expansive thinking is encouraged through challenging assumptions and by leveraging our imagination for new ideas.

What inspires us is seeing the opportunity others cannot. What unites us is the intelligence to deliver where others have not. This benefits our customers because we meet their unspoken needs. Visen was established as a principled and ethical enterprise.

And today, integrity is reflected not only in our people but also our products, and our business practices and relationships.

Message from MD

I began this company with nothing but a handful of dreams and a drive to make it big in the industry. It's been over three decades and Visen has earned its reputation of being a leading manufacturer of polymer emulsions.It still takes me by surprise to see how far Visen has come.

At Visen, it is our constant endeavour to offer highest level of customer satisfaction through total quality management and constant product innovation. We are marching towards our goal in the global competitive environment by now taking a deeper interest into environmental and social concerns. In the long run of our operations, we have tacked every challenge that came in our way and countered it successfully with our operational efficiency and management. Our passion to excel has given us a unique distinction in every facet of the polymer emulsion industry.

The business environment in which we operate is constantly evolving. New business opportunities and new markets are continuously being formed across countries offering immense opportunities to increase our global reach.

Board of Directors

Name Designation
Mr. Vijayasankaran Nair Managing Director
Ms. Cherry Nair Whole Time Director
Mr. Ashok Rao Independent Director
Mr. Louis Zacharias Independent Director
Mr. Rohnit Nair Non Executive Director

Visen Multinational Capacities Current Production Base

  • Tarapur, Western India : 10000 MT/Year
  • Silvasa, Western India : 60000 MT/Year
  • Jammu, North India : 50000 MT/Year
  • Hamriya Free Zone, UAE :120000 MT/Year
  • Chennai, Southern India : 60000 MT/Year

TOTAL production base 300000 MT/Year

Quality Policy

We shall endeavour to achieve total customer expectations through superior products, service and innovations.

We shall endeavour to become leader in manufacture of polymer emulsions through continual up gradation of process, systems and skills.

We shall abide by statutory, legal, environmental and other regulation while carrying out activities.

- Vijay S. Nair
Chairman & Managing Director