Visen acts in a way that consciously helps to ensure the life and resilience of our economies, our environment and our society. Sustainability has become firmly anchored in our regular business processes. Process safety is the proactive control of risk associated with the release of hazardous chemicals and energy sources such as fires, explosions and toxins. Our singular belief is that all process safety incidents are preventable.

Sustainability is fully integrated in our mechanisms. And rightfully, our success depends on it. At Visen, we are aware that our future hinges on our ability to do radically more while using less. We have to turn this obstacle by providing that the world being limited by resources doesn't mean our ambition and imaginations have to be restricted as well. Our commitment to responsible corporate citizenship is integral to all aspects of our company.

Visen realizes the importance of enhancing the quality of life around us and each of its products is accompanied by a promise of responsible care towards the society and environment, which is evident in its range of APEO Formaldehyde, low VOC, and ammonia free polymer emulsions. Visen is changing the colour of its chemistry to 'green'.

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